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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to make call from pc to mobile free | call spoofing

1.first grab a proxy of any different place then Go to mobivox and click on the sign up option.

2. Fill the form with any kind of stuff excepting the mobile no. You can fill any mobile 

no. u want dont worry , email id and pin.

3. Use ur mobile number/u can use any mobile no. u want to fill the mobile no. box and any pin which u remember/its the passwrd.

4. Now here's the trick lies: Fill the email id with a very different match and end it with and copy that address. Now go to the inbox of that email address by going to this link email address

  eg : if u have entered as ur email address then go to 

5. U will find a confirmation email if u have done everything right just click on the confirmation link and u will be redirected mobivox now sign in using the same email address and pin and click on log in option.

6. Now select web calls from the upper part of the page and enter ur desired number and country to call.

7. Click the call now button and u are done.

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