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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How To crash websites with rDos | throug ip hacking technique...!!! | Full [TUT]

hello guyzzzz.. i found way to crash websites. but like i say my post are only for knowledge purpose.Have you ever wanted to DOS attack on a website. Here I am going to write about a tool which is really helpful but it wouldn't be effective on big servers. 

tools: -

  •        rDos tools {7 KB} 

  •   Advanced port scanner {426.2KB} 

    1. First of all you need to know the IP address of the website you want to crash.
    Use ping command in windows to get the ip address of the website.
    open CMD and enter ping

    see the screenshot:

    Now you have the IP address of the website.

    2. Now use Port scanner to check whether PORT 80 is open or not. If PORT 80 is not open choose another website to hack 
    otherwise you can crash this website.

    3. Now open your  rDos. Enter your victims ip that you got from step 1.
    It will ask you for the port to attack use port 80 that’s why we scanned to make sure that 80 was open! If it is closed it will not work.

    The site won't be directly offline!!
    it starts with ***********
    be patiend .. after some time it will go like this: **********-----------

    that means the site crashed.

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