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Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to hack facebook without software through security questions | recovery method exploit

hello guys security questions is a cool hacking anyonce account way this tutorial is based on your social engg. skills:

follow the steps
1. first create 2 or 3 fake profile
2. add your victim as a friend from all profiles
3. now you need to know your victim detailz just like security que where your mom born where u live when u r 8 year old etc
4. now enter his email id & click on forget password

5. after that u will see something like that

6. after filling these it ask for a email id where it can send the link of that account. give a id which hav no facebook account

7. then it comes to security questions!!
8. you know the detailz of your victim fill & it send the link of the account to your email id which hav no fb account

Another social engg details;

if u don't like that then click on i cant identify that account?

you will receive some thing like that:

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