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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To trace ip address via gmail +prevention | Full Technique By:shreyash

How To Trace ip Address with the help of Gmail ?

If the sender’s email address is an,, or an then you can trace the email sender location in Gmail by tracking the IP address of the sender. How? Just open the message in and click “Show original” in “More” menu (as shown below).

It will show the “Full Source” which looks like that :D

As you can see it shows the IP address of the sender. Now use an IP address tracer like to trace or locate that IP address.
If you’re unable to find the IP address from the email header then you can try Email Trace which is an email tracking service by Just copy-paste the email header (till the “Subject”) and it will Track Email Sender for you (It works only if the sender is @hotmail, @yahoo, @live, @aol etc.).
How to prevent ip hacking  how to change your ip address in windows 7 & vista

  • Click on "Start" then on "Control Panel". 

  •  if you can't see "Network and Sharing Center" as above, change the "View by:" setting on the top right corner to "Small icons".

  • Click on "Network and Sharing Center" and the following window appears

  • Click on "Change adapter settings" and several adapter card icons will be displayed . 
  • Double click on the icon representing the adapter for which you want to change IP address:

     For Wireless cards, you might need to right-click its icon and and click on "properties" on the drop-down menu
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 for TCP/IPv4 Ip setting and click on "properties" and enter IP parameters as desired.

    If you are not sure contact to admin network
  • Click "OK" to save your parameters and you are done !!!

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