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Friday, October 5, 2012

Collection of some awesome! keyloggers 100% Fud | Free download

Reflect Logger [100% FUD]

PLUS POINTS OF Reflect-Logger

+ FUD keylogger Free version
+ screen shot provider
+ Google chrome stealer
+ silent downloader
+ Internet Explorer stealer
+ 7 system disablers
+ Minecraft stealer

+ Decryptor
+ Run scape stealers

Download from: here

Actual Keylogger [100% FUD]

PLUS POINTS OF Actual Keylogger

+ Anti-virus detection false
Log search with or without the case sensitive option.
All the information is stored in the encrypted log file.
Provides the opportunity to protect keylogger with the password, so that nobody except you could view the logs.
Works in the standard and hidden mode.
In the hidden mode it is invisible in all operating systems (in Windows NT/2000/XP processes as well).

Download from here

REFOG Keylogger [Smart spyware]

All features are almost Same as KGB keylogger !!!

Download from here

Revealer Keylogger [Free Edition]

PLUS POINTS OF Revealer Keylogger

+Easy to use and install
+Logs every keystrokes
+Password protection
+Invisible window
+[Free  Edition]
Download from here

Perfect Keylogger [Full version]

PLUS POINT OF Perfect Keylogger

+ Full version free download
+ password protection

+ hidden mode activated after server installation
+ powerful perfect rat

Download from here

Home Keylogger [Easiest keylogger !!!]

PLUS POINTS OF Home Keylogger

+ Very ease of use
+ Keylogger can work in hidden mode not making itself    visible to anyone.
+ Fast access to keyboard log - just double click on tray icon.
+ Small keylogger size and low system requirements
+ FREE and full version 

Download from here

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