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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hack facebook accounts with SMART Phishing for (beginners/newbies) | full video guide

hello guys this is shreyash i m posting this tutorial for newbies who are facing problemzz... in phishing this smart phishing help you to fool your victim you need to note several things !!!

first grabbed the email address of your victim

1) create a fake e-mail account just like  so ur victim will think that this message is from facebook

2) sent e-mail by attaching facebook images so your email will look like official

3) your message in email looks like it from facebook you can write any thing in email fake warning to your victim that his/her account is almost hacked or asking him to join the chat thread or friend reQetc...etc

4) you can use this website for mailing your phishing page or viruses etc.. with the id of another person (anyone) it will not go into the spam folder
rest of all in this video tutorial enjoy :D

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