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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recovery Attack on facebook ids hack ids by just getting email address | security question hacking exploit by:shr3y4sh.!!

hello guyzz.. this is shreyash, going to post a dangerous attack in a simple way more chances then other ways like phishing,keylogging,IP Hacks!


1. enter the id of victim and any fake password then click on request new one!! 

see screenshot:       

2. no longer access of these see screenshot:
3. enter a non- fb email which have no fb account so fb will sent a recovery mail.

see screenshot:
4. now you will have no problem if you know security question of your victim or if not try in three chances if the question is correct it will over ! see screenshot:

5.  if your security question is correct you will see something like that enter new password what you want! then fb will sent a confirm mail to your id by clicking you can hack a id! see screenshot:                             
6. now open your suggest mail id and check fb mail and click on links then after 24 hours you can use hacked idnow i m going to tell you what will happen if you enter wrong security question i will go back and enter fake answer! if you give wrong security answr you will see something like that:                             
 fill this then you will have 70% chance of hacking.

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