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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ddos Attack with Backtrack 5 using | shutdown big websites

hey guys today i will provide you a backtrack Ddos tut to shut-down big websites yes you can shut down big websites with this tut you just need 5-6 computers  so u can say this tut is so powerful i hav provided a picture tut hope u all like it 

Ddos website manually..!

ADVICE: {use anonymous proxie} protect yourself from getting caught :P 


>> script
>> Backtrack 5r1 or r2


                           create a new folder name ""

                     now  paste (perl) script in the folder

                                              now move the folder to desktop 

                                            open the target folder 

enter the following script in your folder and replace your website url with ""

click enter and if the following page appears that means your attack works your target website will shut-down :):)!!

h0pe you all like this tutorial...!!

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