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Monday, April 9, 2012

Free call spoofing trick | Hack calls

call spoofing trick with crazy call:
If you want to fool your friends or want to see the demo of call spoofing, i have a better call spoofing service. It has many services. You can do prank calls, spoof caller id, change your voice during call. When you call someone he will see the number which you want him to see. This service is easy to use.

follow these steps:

Select the country you are calling from, choose the CallerID you want to display and enter the number you want to call.

Press "Get me a code" and we will provide you with number to call and a code.

Call the number.

Enter the code and we will connect your call to your friend with the CallerID and voice you have selected

!mportant note:  these website are ilegal so it will not open directly in many countriesso try to use cached copy or hide your ip address i hope you like this post :)!!

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