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Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to make windows 7 genuine via WAT remover 2.2.6

Fix windows is not genuine problem ?
i heard many times people have  same problem that how to fix windows 7 genuine problem
you need to remove WAT for that you need to download windows WAT remover it is available for all 7,xp,vista. i m a window 7 user so i m going to give you window 7 WAT remover latest version for free


  • Close all antivirus and firewalls, and then run the program with administrator privileges (from the internet need not be switched off)
  • Click “Remove WAT” and wait until you see the message on successful completion of the procedure
  • Computer will restart automatically
  • All the system is activated.

Download From - Here [3.75] MB {{Anonymous upload}}..
updated version will be available @

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