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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hack PC (facebook/twitter/yahoo) with ProRAT | Remote hacking computers Through Trojans

hey guyzzz.. in the older post i told you what are RATs. in this post we will create setup of pro_Rat 1.9 lets go !!!

this tutorial is about:

How To setup ProRaT to hack computers ?


1. FIRST Download Prorat tool from: Here ( PRO_RAT 1.9)

2. ''TURN OFF ANTIVIRUS'' and extend prorat then open it.

you will see something like that:

now, click on create and then create ProRaT server (342 Kbyte) nd you will see something like that
put your ip address nd email address. if u don't know your ipclick on rotate arrow it will auto-fill your ip.. rest of all ok now click General Settings

in general settings choose your features by your own or do like me!
click Bind with file now.

here tick Bind server with a file and select File.

 A hacker will Bind the file in a txt doc in a social engg theorem !
i use a famous music called "Kolaveridi lyrics" u can use funny jokes etc..etC

          Select and Bind done from, here.

Now in,Server extensions my advise use default settings!, click on Server icon next !

Here u see you need, to choose A icon choose according to Binded File.
Now your server is successfully created. 

For This Tutorial i am running my own server in my own pc and connecting it to show how you will able to hack your victims, it's cool .. if u want to spread your virus upload it in mediafire,dropbox with the name lyrics,jokes,autoliker,hacker in less than one month you will get 100+ slaves easily if u are lucky :P :P

this is a screenshot of connected ProRaT:

i hope you like this TuT!! :D:D

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