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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Desktop phishing | explanation

What is Desktop Phishing:

This is a very advance way of Phishing. a lot different than the common way of Phishing. In the common way of phishing you can't get the real domain for an example: but in Desktop Phisher you can get the

Desktop Phishing, you only have to send the Phisher Arm (If it’s phisher in phishing, we call it phisher arm in Desktop Phishing). You have to run server on your computer and save fake page of the website you wanna hack password, in directory of this server.

Now, when you have sent Phisher Arm(I will explain how to make one), ask the victim to install the Phisher Arm(Social Engineering). After installation, whenever victim tries to visit hacking gmail account password), his browser will show him our gmail Phisher fake page. When he tries to login to his gmail account using our gmail Phisher, his gmail id and password will be recorded in server directory on your computer… thus you can hack Paypal account password

Old way of Phishing =

Desktop Phishing = 

What is a Phisher Arm:

Phisher Arm is programme that will change your IP Mapping Settings, You
don't need to know a programme any programming laguage for this . you can make a Phisher arm with some tools you have in your computer

How DeskTop Phisher Works:

Hacker sends victim a Phisher Arm binded with software and if you run the software it'll change your computers IP Mapping System. So when you type the domain, the Phisher Arm changes Ip Mapping. It will locate you to the phishing page that a hacker has setup and you won't able to know if that is the real site or a Phishing page.

right now learning this way soon provide a video or full way how to use? till then stay tuned :D

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