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Friday, March 23, 2012

Anti-keylogger | Free download | Remove keyloggers from your computer

  • work of anti-keylogger?
well its a anti-project against servers. just antivirus is not enough because a fud keylogger will make your antivirus fool specially those people who check my blog daily they know how to fud servers..A anti-keylogger is capable to remove fud servers Keylogging means hacking way in which the hacker sends a key logger in your computer and it activates itself as soon as it reaches your computer and works secretly. It sends your PC’s every key stroke or key stroke (key you press) to the hacker.Detecting the presence of a keylogger on a computer can be difficult.So to defend people against keyloggers, ethical hackers have designed its contradictory part called anti-keyloggers. You need to install it on your computer and then it either finds all the keyloggers on your computer and delete them or encrypt your keystrokes.

  • some anti keyloggers:
1. zemana
2. Tester - Anti- logger
3. anti-keylogger ks sheild
4. spyshelter
5. dataguard anti-keylogger
6. piracy keyboard anti-logger
7. CoDefender Anti-logger

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