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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Using Android phones as a Touchpad to pc

What you need -

A working WiFi on computer with internet connection

There are two ways to do this

a) Your mobiles internet

b) Your PC's internet (with WiFi)

Method : Your mobiles internet

Tutorial - 

1) Turn on your Mobile's WiFi hotspot.

2) Connect you PC to your mobile's hotspot.

3) Download and install RemoteDroid from here - download 4) Download PC server file from here - download

(PC server files only work if Java is installed, if Java is not there

get it here -download)

5) Open the 'RemoteDroidServer.bat' from PC

6) It will open and show the Server IP, note it down.

open RemoteDroid from your mobile
enter the IP given

in the 'RemoteDroidServer
you will have a touchpad and 2 buttons they are for distant usage.

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