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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to detect and remove trojans/servers from your pc | Security alert against RATs

suppose some one install rat tool in your pc or you have installed a FUD RAT acciedntly what would you do antivirus is not enough to save your pc...??
take my advice and follow all precautions

  • Install anti-virus software – It is good to know that most anti-virus software detects and removes Remote Access Trojans and other Trojans.  To help guard your computer against the latest Internet security and privacy threats, it is crucial that you keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.  Remember that anti-virus software is only as good as the last update.

install anti-spyware– Anti-spyware software also detects and removes most Trojan Horses, including Remote Access Trojans.

  • Avoid file sharing programs, such as Limewire.  This is the best way I know of becoming infected with a Trojan Horse or other malware.  I had a friend, with a computer so infected with malicious software downloaded on file sharing sites, that he was forced to wipe his hard drive clean and reinstall the operating system.

  • Install a personal firewall – While having a installed won’t remove Trojan Horses, it can detect and block this malicious software.  That said and done, this is assuming that you don’t in advertantly give permission for the Trojan Horse to make outgoing communications on the Internet.  There are free firewalls available for download, such as Zone Alarm.  Windows XP, Vista, and 7 includes an absolutely free firewall as well.  If you have no other firewalls installed on your computer, ensure that the Windows Firewall is enabled.

  • Install anti-trojans software – this software will remove all FUD infected exe's from your system which are undetectable from antiviruses so this is must need for every person who are newbies


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