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Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Unlimited Skype Credits with The Ultimate Generator | 99.7% Success Rate!

Call landlines, mobiles and text for free with Your Skype account! Extend the possibilities with Skype Credits! There’s so much more you can do with Skype than just calling your friends online. Reach out to your family, offline friends or send free text messages worldwide.

Say hello even if they are not online! Do it with credits. We are produd to announce the all-new Skype Credit Generator 3.4.2 that you can use to top up your Skype balance in no time at no additional cost! Make unlimited calls worldwide by just using your Skype account.
The credit generator works with US and UK based Skype accounts only. If you are not from the United States or the United Kingdom, don’t worry. All you have to do is just register a new Skype address and make sure to choose an US address!
You can save up money by adding free credits to your account using the Skype credit generator. Imagine the possibilities of having an account funded with free cash. Use these funds to make unlimied calls to real phone numbers or start messaging with your buddies without paying a cent!

Top Features of the Generator

  • 99,7% success rate — with version 3.4.2 only
  • FREE to download (Skype Credit Generator is a freeware software)
  • Plugin support (further updates and security bypassing algorhytms)
  • Call mobiles and landlines for free
  • Sens SMS messages at no cost
  • Access free public wifi hotspots powered by Skype
  • Forward your calls to a mobile or landline of your choice

How to use the Skype Credit Generator?

Step 1 — Download the software from here.
Step 2 — Enter your login credentials, select a credit value & Skype Premium features if you want to. It’s not required, but recommended.
Step 3 — Hit the “Update Account” button and give the Skype Credit Generator a few minutes to do the work for You.

How does Credit Generator work?

Under the roof there’s more than you can imagine. We have tested and analyzed Skype’s security protocols for months before we were able to come up with a nifty credit generator like this. The software based on plugins — these are essential to make it work. It’s much easier to keep up with the constant security updates we have to sneak through all the time. Tech guys at Skype are not stupid. They do their best to take down such a great credit generator for skype like ours. So we had to utilize an idea and it seems it’s working. Every time you run a session with the program, make sure to have the latest plugins installed. There’s a regular update checker running on our servers on a daily basis to ensure if the skype credit generator is working properly.
It’s important to notice that the credit generator reached 99,7% success rate across 18 regular accounts. That means credit injection worked in most cases.

Tips & Recommendations

Since it’s a free Skype credit generator, you are allowed to generate as much credit as you want. However, we encourage you not to overuse our application. Having an account with thousands of dollars loaded it’s more than just suspicious. Try to fly under the radar when using skype credit generator, beleive it or not it’s worth a try.
We have experienced that using the tool on our old established accounts with just small credit injections here and there would be the best shot. The accounts are still alive and we made lots of free phone calls to landlines and mobiles as well. You don’t need hundreds or thousands to make a call, the rates are pretty low. We are just offering a free skype credit generator and all we ask is use it the smart way.

Download the Skype Credit Generator for Free

We are not asking for your money. Hackers do it for fun and not for cash. Skype Credit Generator is a freeware software, if you like it use it. It’s totally up to you.

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