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Friday, April 27, 2012

How To Rid any type of survey without any hacks | Skip website surveys for free ?

hey visitorzzzz... .this is shr3y4sh Tiwari going to post a grooming  trick which you need for many ways:

"How To Rid over Any Type of Surveys" ?

damm! easy just go to this website enoy skiping surveys


 Click on the spanner (top right) and in the     
"Bookmarks" menu, select: " Always show  bookmarks bar "

. Click and hold the link above that says: " XJZ Survey 

Remover ". Drag your mouse into the       bookmarks bar and then let go of the left click.

Although the bookmarklet is nowsaved , it's nice to

 name it. Right click on the bookmarklet    you've just created and then click "Edit..." .
Give the bookmarklet a suitable name . Once you're 
finished, press"OK".
On pages with surveys , click on the bookmarklet to 

run the XJZ Survey Remover 

 use firefox or google chrome!

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