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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hack websites with simple ways like dnn | pictured [TUT]

info:  dnn {Dot net nuke} 
10% websites are vulnerable of this attack and very short method
use firefox for this Tutorial 

step 1: find vulnerable website using any of the following 


inurl: "fck/fcklinkgallery.aspx"



{for specific attack}

step 2: if you are in the home page Do this -:

home page =>

replacing  =>


step 3: following page will appear -:

             now select the third option

            you will recieve some thing like that -:


step 4: now run this script in address bar  -:


step 5: now if  the attack works you will able to upload deface and the website will be injected

{note u cant upload deface in .html format so try image defacing} 

to view hack website use -:

live example: click here

uploading (.html) file!!: 
you can upload a shell in image format to pwned website then u can upload (.html) format deface easily :P :P!!!

step 1: first download ASP shell here now change its format to image just rename it and type shell.jgp sh3ll will convert into image format..

step 2: upload the .jpg format shell into the website.

step 3: 
After upload go for your shell;.jpg 

step 4: now you will recieve something like that if you are not recieving then reload the page!!

go to home page upload your .html format deface (file)

enjoy happy hacking...

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