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Friday, March 16, 2012

How to hack a facebook page | Direct tutorial

hello guys first i make it clear that we does not make people hackerzzz here all the post are only for educational purpose !!!

everyone hav a confusion that how to hack a facebook page. well when i m here no fear :D! cyber boyz from one country try to attack on the page of other country you will also join them.


1. first find a page which you wana hack for hacking a fb page hack victims id but fact is how to find victim and hack his/her account a page did not show his/her admin account .i hav a solution.
2. today facebook provide timeline page. that the fact you need a keylogger

3. now sent your keylogger how to upload keylogger on fb? here you get solution how to upload it. as i told earlier that you will find a msg option in timeline pages. sent the link of your keylogger via msg to your victim. 


5. now a hacker will type hello admin i like your page plz test my software! if you think the victim antivirus will catch your keylogger 

6. now once your victim install your keylogger  you will get (his/her) keystoke via mail or ftp service which you wana use!

7. now hijack victims id and make yourself admin! of the page remove his/her adminship

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