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Monday, March 26, 2012

How to earn money from | without blogger and websites
hello guys i am back with another grooming trick you know it very well that provide money from links once you become a publisher of and anyone visits your link you will get money  so many people are shrinking their blog tools download links and if any visitor visit their blog site wana download their tool they will face adfly links first so the admin of the blog or website get money from adfly. they also put adfly script to their blog for earning. but if u dont have (blog/website) you can still can earn cashes !


1. create a adfly account

2. shrink some links if you have account on free uploading sites like mediafire ziddu etc

3. now its over if anyone need software's provide your adfly shrink link of your software

4. enjoy online earning you can try this with any link and get online earning

you can also shrink any type of link just like shrink google and provide link earn money :p for earning large amount simply u can use adfly bot to your link!!!

i think you have learnt the concept keep visiting  :)> !!

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