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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Backtrack 4 OS For Android | LinuX | Free download

backtrack 4 linux for android launched.. !!!

Working with BackTrack:

Backtrack is a very popular Linux distribution for penetration testing. It has hundreds of tools for pen testing and hacking. Now a version of backtrack is available for arm processor devices. Normally android based mobile devices uses arm processor so we can install arm version of backtrack on android devices.

Following are the steps and utility for the installation process.

1. Download terminal emulator,android vnc and arm version of backtrack.
2. Extract the content of img file and transfer it in to memory of android devices.
3. Install BusyBox and start it.
4. Open terminal emulator. use "cd" command to get in backtrack directory where extracted content is saved on memory card of device. In this case command is
cd /sdcard/BT5
5. Type "sh bootbt" and we will be in Backtrack.


1.Wireless hack like Wi-Fi Cracking,Sniffing etc..
2.M.I.T.M [Man In The Middle Attack] is also possible with BackTrack4 + Android Eaily

3.Sql Injections,ddos attack etc are also possible.!
4.Hack Routers,Server in minutes
5.RATs, like keyloggers, etc are also availabe

                           now download backtrack 4: Download

Download Here 


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