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Friday, February 24, 2012

How to increase likes in a facebook page | without any websites..!!!

so if u increase followers in ur fb page it will help to pramote anything

steps to increase likes -:

1. check the image given below n use marked option as a vapan to increase likes.

2. in the image a option comes invite friend invite all your friends 

    3. and their is a option above that use facebook as
'teck loverz' or your fb page click their n leave comment in the page which hav more traffic then if people are intrested they will like your page.

4. finnaly add your fb page widget in your blog n gets fan which help u to pramote anything.

like us then follow us. 'teck loverz' click on blue teck loverz!

hope you like i will provide more trickz :)!!

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