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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delete undeletable files in windows 7

  • We all face this problem in windows that we cant delete some files in windows and they never get deleted. This is because of the files getting connect to the other windows explorer and they waste system resources. To this these types of undeletable files i have a trick. Lets see

    1) Open Windows + R to open Run and type cmd to open the Command Prompt.

    2) Now Windows + R to open Run and type taskmgr.exe or right click on taskbar to open taskmanager.

    3) In the Task Manager window click on the Processes tab.

    4) From the processes list highlight explorer.exe and then click the End Process button.

    5) Don’t close the Task Manager window, keep it open along with the Command Prompt.

    6) Now return to Command Prompt and change the directory to the directory that contains the file which you want to delete.

    7) In Command Prompt type: del (filename) (where the (filename) is the name of the file you want to delete).

    8) Press Enter to Delete the file.

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